Purchasing Rules & Regulations Committee



The St. Louis County Purchasing Rules and Regulations Committee (PRRC) is a Committee of the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners initiated by Board Chair Boyle in January 2023. The PRRC is intended to serve, support, and collaborate with both our internal and external customers. The PRRC's objective is to provide updates to the Rules and Regulations, while maintaining the highest quality in services, goods, and relations with the local business and community(ies); as well as delivering innovative, timely, and accurate solutions to create value and to streamline processes in support of St. Louis County’s goals and initiatives.
Current membership includes Commissioners Annie Harala, Keith Musolf, and Keith Nelson.
The St. Louis County’s Rules and Regulations, in addition to Minnesota State Statutes, guide all procurement activities of St. Louis County.

Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement:


Taking ownership and being responsible to stakeholders for our actions, essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest;   


Acting in a manner true to these values, essential to preserve the public’s trust;   


Unbiased decision making and actions, essential to ensure fairness for the public good;   


Upholding high standards of job performance and ethical behavior, essential to balance diverse public interests;   


Obligation to assist stakeholders, essential to support the public good,   


Easily accessible and understandable policies and processes, essential to demonstrate responsible use of public funds.


Purchasing Division
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