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Economic Services & Supports

The Financial Assistance Division administers federal, state, and county programs to provide temporary assistance to individuals or families in need. Please select from the list below for more information about available programs.  

The Economic Services & Supports Division consists of two departments:  Child Support & Public Assistance.

The Child Support Department's role is to promote parental responsibility so children receive the financial support of both parents.  St Louis County Child Support helps families become and remain self-sufficient through the collection of support.

The Public Assistance Department administers many state and federal programs that provide aid for those in need.  Different types of assistance include programs that help with medical care, food, child care, and shelter assistance.

Public Health and Human Services

Mission:  to protect, promote and improve the health and quality of life in St Louis County
Vision:  a community where all people are safe and healthy.


Access Transportation Services

Beginning January 1, 2019, Transportation services within St. Louis County, and some of the surrounding counties, will see changes.  Medical Transportation Management (MTM),  one of the nation’s most trusted and qualified partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions, will provide non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services to eligible individuals who qualify for Medical Assistance in St. Louis County.  These access services include mileage reimbursement, rides to and from medical appointments, and lodging and meal requests.
The MTM call center will open on December 18, 2018 to schedule medical rides starting January 1, 2019 going forward.  All requests for transportation – rides, mileage reimbursement, lodging, meals and parking – need pre-approval.   If you are enrolled in a managed care health plan, please contact your health plan to request a medical ride.
To start the process, contact MTM at 1-844-399-9466.  Please have the following ready when you call:
•             Your first & last name
•             Your MA number
•             Your home address & phone number
•             Your provider’s name, address, phone  number
•             Date & time of your appointment
•             Any special needs, including if you need someone to ride with you
•             If you require special equipment like a car seat, wheelchair or other device, you must provide these items
MTM’s Hours of Operation are M-F  7 am-6 pm.  For routine appointments, please allow 3 Business days’ notice.  For Urgent Appointments, contact them 24/7.  As a courtesy to our provider, please call MTM as soon as possible to cancel your trip or to reschedule your trip.
MTM’s website is www.mtm-inc.net/minnesota-northern.  To file a complaint, you may call MTM at their Complaint Hotline:  1-866-436-0457, or via their Complaint Email:  QM@mtm-inc.net.  If your ride is late call MTM:  1-844-399-9466. 
If you, a friend or a family member can drive to an appointment, you must contact MTM prior to the appointment to get a Prior Authorization Trip Number in order to request mileage reimbursement. You must use the 2 page Reimbursement Trip Log which requires your health care provider’s signature as proof you attended the appointment.  Contact MTM at 1-844-399-9466 to request a trip log and get questions answered.
For Wheelchair vehicle, non emergency ambulance, stretcher van- Call Kepro:  1-844-681-8144.
If you can’t get your medical care within 30 miles for primary care or 60 miles for specialty care, your primary doctor must provide a statement verifying that you need to get medical care that is outside the 30 mile primary or 60 mile specialty distance because there are no providers within the 30/60 mile limits that are able to provide the care you need.  IF YOU CHOOSE to get medical care from a provider that is not within 30 miles for primary or 60 miles for specialty care from your home, you may have to pay for your own transportation and ancillary service costs. This includes emergencies when you can get the services needed at a closer location.
MTM plans to streamline access to non-emergency medical transportation services by providing one phone number for clients to call and arrange all their medical transportation needs. The call center is available 24/7 and has an average wait time of less than 30 seconds. MTM also offers a web portal that medical providers and facilities can use to set-up rides for their qualifying patients. The organization plans to have a web portal available for individual use soon.  MTM will bring more transportation providers to our area to help with the demand and needs of participants. 
Minnesota Region 3 Brochure
How to Use Northern Minnesota Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services
MN GMR Trip Log 2019 (Microsoft Word Document)
Reimbursement Trip Log for 2019
MTM Minnesota Postcard
A postcard for MTM services


In order to process your documents accurately and timely, it is your responsibility to include identifiable, legible information such as name, date of birth, case number.   If you do not include legible and identifiable information, your document(s) may not be processed.   Applications  and documents received after hours will be dated the next business day.  Child Care Assistance is excluded.
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