Community Development

Ely Community Center

During 2022, St. Louis County distributed $1.9 million in federal grant money to communities and non-profit organizations in St. Louis County outside the City of Duluth. The City of Duluth receives separate funding. Fiscal Year 2022 CDBG funds helped cover costs for renovations at the Chisholm, Cook, and Eveleth HRA's; site acquisition for North SLC Habitat for Humanity; accessibility improvements to the Buhl/Kinney Senior Center; water and sewer infrastructure in ten communities; meals programs at the Salvation Army located in Hibbing and Virginia; and support services for low-income and homeless people through nine non-profit organizations. 

Questions about the open houses and public hearings or about CDBG funds in general may be directed to Brad Gustafson at (218) 742-9563 or email:

St. Louis County CAPER 2022 Draft 

St. Louis County strives to improve the lives of county residents through housing opportunities and community development. 

The County partners with local units of government, local agencies, organizations, and businesses to develop and implement strategies that will assist in strengthening communities through these resources:

Community Development
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