Resourceful is a free community resource guide to help people find free and reduced cost services

Finding help just got easier.

We all have our own paths to take, but sometimes we may need a hand in guiding the way. That’s where Resource­ful comes in. A new website that makes it easier to find social services in St. Louis County and the surrounding region. Whether it be food, housing, financial assistance, or basic skills classes (and more). Just enter your zip code and see what’s out there. Resourceful is a free online platform that connects people to needed programs that serve them with dignity and ease. Resourceful makes it easy for people facing social needs — and those who help others — to find and make referrals to appropriate programs and services for food, shelter, health care, work, financial assistance and more.
St. Louis County is working in partnership with Essentia Health, Wilderness Health, Generations Healthcare Initiatives, and many other community organizations to continuously enhance the resource directory so all can benefit from the information being in one place.
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Essentia health, wilderness health, generations health care initiatives, and stratis health have partnered with aunt bertha to provide a free online platform that allows anyone to easily find and connect with local free and reduced-cost programs. funding for this project is supported by blue cross blue shield of minnesota and ucare.  this new platform is powered by a partnership with aunt bertha, an established network of nonprofits and social care providers.