Continuum of Care (CoC)

A Continuum of Care (CoC) is a regional strategic planning body that works on housing and related services with the goal of reducing homelessness. The CoC includes prevention, outreach and assessment, emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing – many partnerships!
In Minnesota, there are 10 CoC’s; St. Louis County happens to be its own CoC where others are more regional (e.g., the Northeast CoC is made up of counties surrounding St. Louis County). Each CoC has governing board (Heading Home Advisory Council in St. Louis County) and a CoC Coordinator who works with partners and community to coordinate HUD funding for various rapid-rehousing, transitional and permanent supportive housing projects. The CoC Coordinator also supports community wide planning and project monitoring and support.

Heading Home Advisory Committee

The Heading Home Advisory Committee is the community-directed entity responsible for oversight of homelessness planning, coordinating, and funding activities in the St Louis County Continuum of Care (CoC).  

CoC Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Each year, HUD administers a grant program called the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition, also known as the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This grant was previously called the Notice of Funding Availability or “NOFA”. This roughly $3.5 million grant supports infrastructure and services for people experiencing homelessness within the St. Louis County CoC planning region. St. Louis County has been designated by the Heading Home Advisory Council as the Collaborative Applicant, which is responsible for coordinating the NOF in our community.  This website contains relevant information and documentation for the NOFO and will be updated as needed, especially during the competition phase, from July through the Fall.


Courtney Cochran
 TitleDownloadCreated Date
CoC NOFO Key Glossary Terms
This document contains definitions of key terms that you may encounter in the process of applying for HUD CoC funds. Ex. Housing first, culturally responsive care, etc.
FY2023 CoC Grant Inventory Worksheet
This document contains approved funding and budget line items for renewal applicants for FY2023 CoC funds in Duluth/St. Louis County CoC.
PSH NOFA Project Scoring & Ranking Criteria
Description: This tool shows the scoring criteria for all permanent supportive housing projects applying for new/renewal funds in the FY2023 CoC NOFO competition in Duluth/St. Louis county CoC.
TH/RRH NOFA Project Scoring Ranking Criteria
This tool shows the scoring criteria for all transitional housing & rapid Rehousing projects applying for new/renewal funds in the FY2023 CoC NOFO competition in Duluth/St. Louis County CoC.
FY2023 Local Application SLC CoC
This is the Duluth/St. Louis County CoC Local/Supplemental application, which must be complete and submitted via email to by August 8th to be eligible for funding consideration.
HUD FY2023 NOFO Published COPY
This is a copy of the full Fy2023 Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Opportunity published by HUD on July 5th, 2023.
Public Notice: Call for Applications for the FY2023 CoC NOFO
This public notice outlines all application information for funding in the FY2023 CoC NOFO in Duluth/St. Louis County CoC.
SLC CoC FY2023 NOFO Timeline
This timeline outlines all of the steps and deadlines for applying for new &/or renewal funding in the in the FY2023 CoC NOFO competition in Duluth/St. Louis County CoC.
New Project Letter of Intent to Apply
This is the template for new project Letter of Intent to apply, which is due to the CoC by email to by August 3. This is extended from the original deadline of July 28th.
Updated Ranking & Review Policy
This policy was originally published in 2021 and updated through community feedback in 2023. All of the policies and procedures for the Duluth/St. Louis County CoC local CoC grant competition are outlined here, including appeals information.
FY2023 CoC NOFO Public Information Session Notice
Description: Information for the July 19th, 2023 Public Information Session on the FY2023 NOFO is enclosed here. This session will provide information on the HUD coemption as well as local deadlines for the Duluth/St. Louis County competition.
Office Hours Notice
SLC CoC is hosting weekly FY 2023 NOFO Office hours for technical assistance, project questions, etc. Hosted weekly via Microsoft Teams. Please email to receive the link. 2-3pm, Wednesdays July 19th, 2023-August 30th, 2023.
NOFO Public Info Session Notes
Description: This document contains notes from the Duluth/St. Louis County CoC public information session hosted on July 19th, 2023 to outline all requirements for application for new/renewal funds in the FY2023 NOFO.
SLC CoC HUD FY2023 NOFO Info and Q&A Powerpoint
FY2023 Bonus Funds & Extended Deadlines Notice
This notice includes details about the CoC & Domestic Violence Bonus funds in the FY2023 CoC NOFO and extended deadline information for new Project LOIs & eSnaps applications.