Coordinated Entry System

The gateway to the homeless response system and housing prevention in St. Louis County is the Coordinated Entry System (CES).
How does it work?
All households who are at risk of being unhoused or experiencing homelessness call 2-1-1. At that time, if a household is at risk of losing their housing but able to maintain with some assistance (e.g., rental assistance); they are referred to the county triage team in their community to begin applying for assistance.
A household who is experiencing homelessness or in housing but able to maintain with some assistance are scheduled an appointment with a housing assessor in their area. There are also walk-in assessments available in the Duluth area on Wednesdays from noon to 2 p.m. at the Damiano Center (206 W 4th Street, Duluth MN 55802).
Housing case managers meet with the household, complete the assessment, and begin the process of applying for benefits, provide housing applications, and make sure the household is entered on the priority list for housing. As units become available, the CES priority list managers make the referrals to the program manager.
Who should I contact with questions about CES?
Duluth, please contact Kate Bradley 
Northern St. Louis County, please contact Heather Lindula



Coordinated Entry System Complaint / Concern Form

Utilize this form if you have experienced a problem or have a concern regarding St. Louis County's coordiated entry system, including 2-1-1 (the common entry point).


Kate Bradley-Duluth
Heather Lindula-North SLC


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CoC written standards for CES prioritization
Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures for the St. Louis County housing-related Coordinated Entry System (CES)