Solid Waste Fees


Solid waste management is funded by fees for the cost of disposal, and by the Solid Waste Service Fee assessed to properties. The county charges this fee to all properties within the County not served by the WLSSD.  It is not a collection charge and necessary to provide appropriate solid waste and recycling facilities and solid waste disposal for both year-round and seasonal property owners, as mandated by the State of Minnesota. 

First Residential / Seasonal / Recreational Parcel

Second Residential / Seasonal / Recreational Parcel

Commercial property
$80.00 to $800.00 (based on Estimated Market Value)

Solid Waste Service Fees

Solid Waste Service Fee Appeals

County Fees

Waste Disposal Tipping Fees
Fees for disposal of solid wastes are set by the St. Louis County Board. Rates differ by the type of material. Additional disposal charges* apply to garbage generated outside of the management area.

We do not accept cash at any of our solid waste sites. Payment may be made by check or by punch coupon at all sites, or by electronic disposal card, Discover, VISA, MasterCard and debit cards at the Regional Landfill, Aurora, Brookston, Cook, Hibbing, and Northwoods(Ely) Transfer Stations.



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