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Contractor Requirements

STEP 1: Application Form

Step 1: Application Form
An operator may be removed from the ROL due to poor performance or contract violation. The ROL needs to be updated annually by the contractor. Existing contractors established on the ROL fill out the ROL Application Update Form. New contractors fill out the ROL New Contractor Application Form.



STEP 2: Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp Form

Step 2: Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp Form

All contractors or sub-contractors must carry liability insurance and meet Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law requirements.  A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted and updated yearly to remain in good standing on the Responsible Operators List.

Contractors will need (at a minimum):

  • $1M for General and $1M Automobile
  • $300,000 for all other occurrences
  • $2M for Aggregate
  • Workers Compensation

Certificate of Liability Insurance Requirements

MN Worker's Comp Form


STEP 3: Pre-work Session

Step 3: Pre-Work Session

A pre-work session is required before harvesting can start. There are three options:

  1. Contact the Sale Administrator and go through out on site or at an alternate location
  2. Complete the pre-work session at a Land and Minerals Department Office
  3. Read through Contractor Pre-work Session Online Module (below).  Please print off the questions at the end and send us your answers via postal mail, email, fax, or drop off at the Contract Administrator's office.

Contractor Pre-Work Session Online Module


2023 Timber Auction Schedule




 February 16   9:30 A.M.   Sealed Bid - Land Commissioner's Office
 May 11      9:30 A.M.   Oral - Cotton Town Hall
 August 3   9:30 A.M.  Sealed Bid (Decorative Products) - Land Commissioner's Office

 August 17 

11:00 A.M   Oral - Cotton Town Hall

 November 2 

11:00 A.M 
 Oral - Cotton Town Hall


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