Will the County Surveyor office survey my Property?

The County Surveyor office does not conduct private land surveys for property owners within St. Louis County. The following is a list of Licensed Surveyors that have requested to be identified as performing surveys in St Louis County.
Licensed Land Surveyors working within St. Louis County.

Why does the Land Explorer show my property lines in the incorrect location?

The Land Explorer only represents tax parcel lines (not surveyed property lines). In many cases your area may not have accurate locations on the Government Section corners.  The County Surveyors office PLSS remonumentation program is making great strides along with the Auditor’s office in correcting the accuracy of the represented tax parcels and will succeed with continued support.

 How do I find out if my property has a certificate on file with the County Surveyor Office?

County Ordinance 21 requires the all surveys performed with St. Louis County be submitted to the County Surveyors office for public display.  The County Surveyors Office maintains these records in original form in our Pike Lake office and electronic form viewable for research from the Survey Explorer application. Please visit the Pike Lake Office for assistance in research and viewing of these documents.

I have some old survey books or records, what should I do?

The County Surveyors office will accept donations of historic survey records pertaining to St. Louis County.  After determining if the records should be archived they may be indexed and/or scanned for archival and access from our online research application providing a benefit to all land owners throughout the county.