Oversize/Overweight Permit FAQs


When do I need a permit?

An Oversize/Overweight permit is required when:
  • An overall loaded width exceeds 8 ft, 6 in
  • An overall loaded height exceeds 13 ft, 6 in
  • An overall loaded length exceeds 75 ft, 0 in on combination vehicles
  • An overall loaded length exceeds 45 ft, 0 in on single vehicles
  • When the overall Gross Vehicle Weight exceeds 80,000 lbs

How long does it take to have a permit approved?

The Oversize/Overweight permits are auto-approved and manually approved. To be auto-approved, the truck/trailer/load combination must meet the following requirements:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight (truck/trailer/load combination) ≤ 160,000 lbs
  • Overall width ≤ 14 ft
  • Overall length ≤ 100 ft
  • Overall height ≤ 17 ft

If the truck/trailer/load combination exceeds any of the above requirements, then the permit will be manually approved by the Permit Technician. The typical time to for manual approval is within two (2) business days.

How do I apply for an oversized/overweight permit for St. Louis County?

The Oversize/Overweight Permit application is available online in the St. Louis County permit system. Click on Permits & Applications on the Public Works webpage. Applications are only accepted through this online system.

Does St. Louis County require insurance for oversize/overweight permits?

St. Louis County requires a current insurance policy to apply for an Oversize/Overweight permit. The reason for this requirement is to reduce the risk of liability for St. Louis County. Click on the sample insurance certificate to view the minimum insurance coverage.