Pay your Property Taxes

In cooperation with St. Louis County, Paymentus offers taxpayers secure, reliable fee-based electronic options to pay taxes over the internet by e-check or by using a credit or debit card, Paypal, Venmo & Google Pay.

Services comply with all government regulations. All fees are collected by Paymentus, no portion of which is collected by or refunded to St. Louis County in any manner. Among tax payment options offered by St. Louis County for a variety of taxpayers needs, some payment options are not right for everyone. Please carefully check all applicable fee calculations and read terms and conditions before finalizing all electronic payments.

By state law, a convenience fee is charged when using these payment methods as follows:

o   E-Check:  FREE
          .   Select the eCheck/Bank Account option when checking out
o   Credit Cards Accepted - Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
          .   2.35% fee per transaction
o   VISA Debit
          .   $3.95 per payment type
          .   Payment types include (1st Half Tax, 2nd Half Tax, Full Year Tax,
              Delinquent Tax)
o   All other Debit Cards
          .   2.35% per transaction
o   Paypal, Venmo & Google Pay
          .   2.35% per transaction
o   Pay your taxes through Paymentus


For questions regarding your online property tax payment, please contact Paymentus.


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