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Can you send me a birth or death certificate by fax or email?

No. We cannot send vital records electronically. 

Why is my child's birth record confidential or restricted?

The birth record of a child born to unmarried parents is confidential, unless, at the time of birth, the mother designates the demographic data as public.  You may contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 651 201-5961 for further information.

Why is the father not on my child's birth record?

If the parents were not married, either Recognition of Parentage or a court order had not been furnished to the Minnesota Department of Health to add the second parent.  You may contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-4981 for additional information.

How do we get the name on the birth record corrected or amended?

  • If a certified birth record has not been issued, or the child's first birthday has not passed, a Parent Notice may be used to change or correct a birth record.  Parent Notices cannot be used to add a father to the birth record.
  • After one year from birth and/or a birth record has been issued, you must complete an Amendment form, attach supporting documents, and submit the required fees to the Minnesota Department of Health. You may contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-5961 for further information.

I am doing genealogy and I need information about the parents on the record?

We do not give information over the telephone. Visit a local office and fill out an application.