Corner Certificates


A Certificate of Location of Government Corner, a.k.a. Corner Certificate, is a document developed by a licensed land surveyor to mark a Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corner location. When a survey or plat is made, proper recording of a Corner Certificate(s) is required; with its location referenced to local landmarks and or referenced to other adjacent PLS corners. 

Corner Certificate Preparation

The Certificate of Location should be a complete document relating to the location, monumentation, perpetuation and history of a corner. If done properly, the need for future surveyors to research the past record evidence will be greatly reduced or eliminated. The following outline provides a guideline for preparation of a Corner Certificate.

Certificate Preparation Guideline

Corner Certificate Sample

Corner Certificate Templates (zip file)

Land Corner Index Diagram

Corner Certificate Filing

Corner Certificates submitted to the County Surveyor's office prior to recording will have the filing/recording fee waived if the Corner Certificates conform to the guidelines and are consistent with other county corner records. Corner Certificates sent directly to the Recorders will incur filing/recording fees set by the County Recorder.

All surveys subject to review and approval by the County Surveyor and described by reference to the PLS must be based upon recently certified corners.

Reimbursement Program

The importance of restoring and maintaining the monuments of our Public Land Survey system (PLSS) is well known. Saint Louis County has established a reimbursement system to encourage PLSS corner perpetuation. This program, funded through Saint Louis County, will provide financial assistance to private sector land surveyors for PLSS corner perpetuation which occurs during the course of a private land survey. The primary focus of this program is to obtain good quality, corner certificates for corner monuments which do not presently have a Location of Government Corner Certificate on file with Saint Louis County.

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