Spring Load Restrictions

Spring load restrictions end May 24 -
Some county roads will remain posted. 

Spring load restrictions have been removed on most St. Louis County roads beginning Wednesday, May 24, at 12:01 a.m. Some limited county roads - most of them with gravel surfaces - will continue to be posted with weight restrictions due to their individual condition.

County roads experience significant stress during the spring season. As the frost melts, the roadbed becomes saturated with water making the road structure unable to support normal truck weights. In addition, the combination of freeze/thaw cycles and heavy trucks promote the formation of potholes in pavements.

State law (Minnesota Statutes 169.87) establishes the authority for county road agencies to implement weight restrictions during extreme seasonal conditions. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) sets the dates for spring load restrictions. Typically, spring load restrictions are in effect in northern Minnesota between March and May. Current information about the status of spring load restrictions is provided at the MnDOT Seasonal Load Limits website.

During spring load restrictions, state law provides the following maximum axle weights:

  • All gravel roads are five (5) tons per axle
  • All paved roads are ten (10) tons per axle, unless posted otherwise

St. Louis County maintains the maps of spring load restrictions that identifies the weight restriction for all county roads.

St. Louis County Spring Load Restrictions Maps

St. Louis County only provides exemptions for spring load restrictions for cases related to human health and safety. Typical cases include the necessity to restore electrical power, repair/replace a well or repair a septic system. If you believe your case qualifies under this policy, call the Traffic Engineer at 218-625-3873

In limited cases, St. Louis County may extend the spring load restrictions on certain county roads if they need additional time to recover their strength. Weight restriction signs will remain posted on these roads. St. Louis County maintains a map of these roads. The following link will be linked to the map when this information is available.

St. Louis County Extended Period Spring Load Restrictions Maps

St. Louis County has established permanent weight restrictions on certain county roads.

St. Louis County Permanent Weight Restrictions Maps

For questions about a specific county road, please call the nearest St. Louis County maintenance garage.

Pike Lake – 218-625-3800
Hibbing – 218-262-0150
Virginia – 218-742-9800
Cook – 218-666-5261