Plat Review


The County Surveyors office reviews and approves final plats submitted as 505 Subdivision plats - 508 (RLS) Registered Land Surveys – 515 (CIC) Common interest communities together with the Auditor’s and Recorder’s offices prior to recording in accordance with applicable statutes, ordinances and regulations.

Developers who wish to subdivide property will need to work with the St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department to create a subdivision plat. To learn more about subdivision platting, go to the Planning department page.

Final Plat Check Application

The application for final plat checking should be completed and accompanied with the following items:

  • Completed final plat checking application
  • Plat checking fee (make check out to St. Louis County Auditors
  • 2 full size prints of the plat (PDF and/or CAD files are also appreciated)
  • Letter of approval to proceed to final plat review by the Local Governing Authority(LGA)
  • Completed Location of Government Corner Certificates as needed for subdivision
  • Copies of any title work needed to show ownership including easement, memorial and declaration documents.

Final plat review may not begin until all required documents are submitted. The County Survey’s office may request an additional plat checking fee in the event that plat, block, or lot boundaries have major errors missing items and/or changes made to the plat after submittal acceptance.

Submit complete application packages to:

Attn: Todd Hendershott
County Surveyor’s Office
The Richard H. Hansen Public Works and Transportation Complex
4787 Midway Road
Duluth, MN 55802

Plat Checking Application

Local Governing Authority (LGA)

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508 Registered Land Survey Resources

515 Common Interest Community Resources


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