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Driveways & Culverts


To ensure safety and proper drainage that impacts our roads and environment, the county has the following directions for driveways and culverts:

New Entrance Construction

  • A permit is required for all entrance construction.
  • New driveway construction and culvert installations are the responsibility of the property owners.
  • St Louis County will inspect the site and will determine culvert diameter, length and type (steel, plastic) and any other requirements.
  • Residential entrance width shall be a minimum of 20 feet and commercial entrance width shall be a minimum of 32 feet.
  • Property owners are responsible for the purchase of their culvert. St Louis County does not sell culverts.
  • A permit fee and a refundable deposit are required. Deposit will be refunded when the construction is complete and passed an inspection.
  • Entrances become the responsibility of St Louis County after the initial construction has been completed and approved.

Existing Entrances

  • Existing entrances are maintained by St Louis County.
  • St Louis County will maintain the entrance from the edge of the road to the limits of the road right of way.
  • Maintenance consists of culvert repair and replacement when needed, thawing, ditch cleaning and any other measures to ensure proper drainage.


4th District Highway Superintendent
Dale Johnson
Linden Grove Office:

Ely Office:  

5th District Highway Superintendent
Gordy Halverson
Pike Lake Office:

6th District Highway Superintendent

Darrel Brodeen

7th District Highway Superintendent
Gerald VanGuilder