Jail Communication


Jail Communication

The St Louis County Jail has a contract with Reliance Telephone to provide phone, texting and video calling services for inmates. To set up a collect call account, purchase a phone card, or to fund an inmate’s communication "Wallet" (texting and video calling account), please go to Reliance Telephone or call them at (800) 896-3201. You can leave a voice message on the inmate message line by calling (218) 409-8366. Video calling (coming soon) is completed through an app called "Reliance Connect", which is available from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Inmates can place a video call to a phone number associated with a Reliance Connect account at any time during the day and fund the visit using their ’Wallet" balance at the rate of $0.25/minute. With the exception of attorney phone calls, all communication is subject to recording and monitoring.


In emergency or to file a report, call 911.

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