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The Public Health Division works to prevent illnesses before they start, promote health opportunities for all, and protect the residents of St. Louis County. Our work is done through assessing the health and environments of individuals and communities, implementing educational programs, conducting research, and recommending policies that promote health.


Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:
The St. Louis County Public Health Division leads in public health practice through strategic partnering, data-driven decision making, and results-based accountability. We work to assure that all residents of St. Louis County have the opportunity to thrive in a healthy, equitable and safe community.  

Our Vision:
Advancing prevention strategies that promote healthy people and healthy communities.  

Our Values:
The values we articulate and model set the foundation for our success as an organization. They communicate where we want to go and how we operate. These values guide our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ.  

  • Collaboration 

  • Respect 

  • Accountability 

  • Forward-thought 

  • Integrity 

Division Priorities

Improving health outcomes by: 

  • Utilizing a health equity lens.  

  • Strengthening partner organizations’ capacity and involvement.  

  • Applying evidence-informed public health practice.  

  • Maximizing resources from local, regional, state, and federal systems.  

  • Applying strategies from local, regional, state, and federal systems.  

  • Seeking out braided funding.  

  • Leading community-based strategic planning.  

  • Utilizing data driven decision-making.  

  • Advocating for and supporting policy and systems-level change. 

Services and Programs

The St. Louis County Public Health Division employs a variety of professionals who work diligently to care for St. Louis County residents across the spectrum of health. Much of this work involves important partnerships and collaborations with community partners. Public health relies on these community partners to create a comprehensive system for prevention and health care for residents, St. Louis County Public Health values prevention and service delivery through innovation and regular quality improvement. Explore the list on the left to learn more about our current work in Public Health. 


Public Health




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